Ode to Blink…

First off, happy new year my Jewish friends!  You would think that after 5769 years the new years festivities would get old, but the Jews continue to not disappoint.

Anyway, onto the real point of my entry (first one in two weeks if you’re counting… and by you I mean the one person who actually reads my weblog).  It’s been a couple of days since Travis Barker’s plane crash.  It’s quite an unfortunate situation, but I’m glad he is doing better and my prayers are with him, DJ AM and the victims of the crash.  Crazy how life changes in a flash.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be an entry about how you shouldn’t take life for granted because it could change in an instant (I shouldn’t have to tell you not to take life for granted).  No, this is an entry on Travis’s best work: Blink-182.

Blink-182 is my favorite band.  Period.  Always has been, always will.  People make fun of me and say they aren’t great music.  That they’re no Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, etc, etc.  But, first of all, fuck you for judging my music taste.  Second of all, and in all seriousness, I think music should be something that speaks to you.  The lyrics should be meaningful in your life.  Sure, the Beatles are classic rock.  Amazing.  But their lyrics say nothing to me.  I could understand why they would speak to a person my age in the 1960s (the music reflects the time period), but not in the 1990s and 2000s.  This is why my favorite band is Blink.  Every one of their songs speaks to me personally.  They talk about love, loves lost, fart jokes, your mom, and more.  Stuff that I could relate to.  Stuff that any 16-23 year old could relate to.   Think about it.  “What’s My Age Again” was about screwing around and acting immature, but then they follow that single up with “All The Small Things” which is about doing the small things to impress a girl (i.e. flowers on the stairs, etc).  Both subjects definitely reflect my life.

Blink is music that caught the mindsets of this age group of this generation.  This is why they were incredible and extremely successful (and also it is a shame they broke up).  So, as an ode to Travis (and Mark and Tom) I present to you some insightful analysis of songs you may not have heard (so not “What’s My Age Again” or “All The Small Things”):

“Wasting Time”, album: Cheshire Cat (1996)

Favorite line: “She’d teach me about modern art and I’d teach her it’s okay to fart.”

This song is about trying to impress a girl.  Mark talks about joining a band and making jokes all in hopes of making a girl like him make her laugh.  This kind of resonates with me.  I always try to impress girls that I like by doing interesting things, but most important, I try to make girls I like laugh, either by being witty or just plain rediculous-all in hopes of trying to make her like me.  Another line of the song, “Sometime I sit at home and wonder if she’s sitting at home thinking of me and wondering if I’m sitting at thinking about her.  Or am I just wasting my time?”  is such a clever line and is something I definitely do ALL the time.

“Waggy”, album: Dude Ranch (1997)

Favorite line:  “I don’t wanna live this lie again.  I know I’ll get it right but I don’t know when.  I’ll open my eyes, I’ve got something inside, I’ll just jack off in my room til then.”

Again, Blink hits us with the heartfelt line, but counters it with the immature humor.  This line is the epitome of why I like Blink.  They could be serious and write beautiful lyrics but at the same time be immature.  It works brilliantly.  This song also really hits home for me (which, as you can see, is a common theme in all their songs for me).  Mark talks about being ready for a serious relationship, but he just dumped a girl because she is not ready for one.  So Mark is willing to wait around in his room until he finds a girl who is.

“Online Songs”, album: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001)

Favorite line:  Na na na na na na na na (seriously listen to the song, it’s great)

This song is one that I definitely dealt with a couple years ago.  It’s about seeing your ex-girlfriends screen name on your buddy list and it bothering you a lot.  Blink just writes about kids dealing with problems for the 21st century and this is a prime example of it.  Mark talks about trying to put the past behind him, but everytime he signs online there her screen name is.  When you think about the entire situation, you just want to laugh, but I’m sure it has happened to everyone.

2 Responses to Ode to Blink…

  1. Melissa says:

    You know who else likes Blink? Hint: He’s a “cuddle and kisses kind of guy.”

  2. haha. i can relate to online songs. infact, just deleted the sn yesterday! in terms of your favorite line in “waggy”…its usually the other way around it seems. most guys in college dont want relationships (why have just one girl when you can have lots, anyway?) and the girls that want them. an interesting song. is mark single? maybe you could tell him to quit jarking off and give me a call then.

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