Wild, Wild Weekend (wicky-wild-wild)

First, let me clear the air: yes, the title of this post is a play on words of my least favorite Will Smith movie and most favorite Will Smith song.  But, more importantly, the title needs some explanation.  Over the next week(ish) I will probably have the craziest (wildest, if you will) week and I want to brag.  It’s my blog, I could do and say whatever I want so back off.  If you’re looking for a more insightful piece (like my past entries) you’re out of luck.  You’re not going to find it here.  I just want to brag.

When I decided to go to school in the Washington, D.C. area, I knew that through family friends, I would have the opportunity to work the 2008 Presidential Inaugeration on Capitol Hill.  It was something that I have been looking forward to for years.

Over the summer, my family decided that we need to go on a family vacation before I enter the real world.  We had it planned perfectly: go on vacation, then be back in time for the inauguration. 

So my parents made the plans: we would be going to Disney World.  I was pretty excited about it.  Disney World is great, no matter what age you are.  Everyone has grown up with Disney and has a great appreciation for it.  My family hadn’t been there since I was in fifth grade (eleven years ago), so I was absolutely looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, our perfect plans hit a little bump in the road yesterday.  NBC needed me in Washington by the Thursday before elections, but we weren’t coming home until Friday.  This created a major situation.  I really wanted to go to Disney, but the inauguration was something I was looking forward to for years now.  Furthermore, with the election of Barack Obama, Washington is going to be a zoo and I really wanted to be apart of history.  Lastly, I had told everyone I knew (pretty much) that I was working the inaugeration, so it would be quite embarrassing to not end up working it (people may think I was lying/think I was all talk).

So we had quite a connundrum on our hands.  I was devastated that I probably couldn’t go.  Not even playing Madden on a 50 inch HDTV could cure my woes last night.  However, my parents are thinkers.  They knew how much I wanted to go.  So, today they booked me a flight a day earlier than the rest of the family so I could get back to D.C. and get clearance to work. 

I am incredibly grateful to my family for letting me have this amazing opportunity.  More importantly, over the next week, I will have an amazing time in Disney and then in D.C.

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