Yet Another Reason Why Law School Is Harder Than Your Life

March 11, 2010

I’ll admit it: I continue to write why law school is harder than whatever you are doing because it makes me feel better about myself. If you don’t like it, just click the little “X” button on the right hand side of the window (or for the cooler Mac users (yes, I’m a Mac elitist) the little red circle on the left hand side of the window). It makes me feel better because there must be some rhyme or reason to subjecting myself to this, but I haven’t exactly put my finger on it (some reasons I have come up with include: making more money, helping people (haha), the social scene of law school being almost on par with my old social life, actually liking the law). Because, I have only come up with four sub-par reasons for this, I continue to compare my long days to most people’s (including people working at jobs where they make money (I would love some money) and people in other graduate school programs), and it makes me feel better about myself. Also, a third of my readers are probably law students and they could relate (What? I like getting hits on my blog).

My newest rant has been inspired from what I saw while on the elliptical at the gym today (yes, men do go on the elliptical. I swear I’m not the only one). I was watching the television and flipped to MTV where they were playing live performances (they were actually playing music. I know, it’s shocking. I was expecting (and hoping) for a Jersey Shore re-run). These live performances were of past MTV-U Spring Breaks. It finally clicked in my head that a year ago on March 16, I was on the cruise of a lifetime, where I was drinking, having fun with friends and acting a fool (do I have to cite Ludacris for that?). Yes, it finally occurred to me that March has rolled around and this means it is time for Spring Break. Although I have spring break this year, it won’t be like past years.

In the past I have had the incredible opportunities to go to New Orleans (I did do relief work, but Bourbon Street is god’s gift to humanity, and I would advise all people under the age of 25 to go there and go crazy), Florida and Mexico. This spring break will be slightly different. I am taking a week and a half long (Sweet! The longest spring break I have ever have) vacation to my hometown in New Jersey (Not sweet!), where I will be chained down by Passover (Not sweet!) and writing my law school final outlines (Definitely not sweet!). Let me explain to you how crappy this truly is: Passover, by itself, is a great holiday (I love seders), but the great minds of the Jewish religion definitely didn’t think this one through. First off, they put it during and around Spring Break time, and for Jewy-Jews, this means one thing: no traveling. Why? Because we can’t eat anything (seriously, would you go to Italy if you couldn’t eat the pasta, pizza, bread products, cannolis, and anything else? No. Budda-ay!). Thus, I will be stuck in New Jersey. To add insult to injury, I am in law school. For those of you who haven’t read anything about law school, for finals we have to do outlines, which are essentially how we learn the entire year’s material for the test. Being the diligent person I am (oh shit, I’m giving away my study secrets. I hope the cut throat kids aren’t reading this), I am going to start outlining over break (and for you cut throat kids, if you truly want to learn the material I hear it is best to do your outlines while being under the influence of alcohol… or may you just shouldn’t do them at all. Wouldn’t that be a challenge?). So, while you other undergraduate and graduate students enjoy your fun in the sun, sleeping late, and general debauchery, I will be at my town’s library for the second time since I’ve been in law school and second time since elementary school (and the invention of internet researching). I hate all you slackers.