Why Thursday Nights In Law School Are Better Than Thursday Nights In College

I know what you’re thinking while looking at the title of this entry: “This is blasphemy! College Thursday nights are untouchable.” Quite frankly, I agree, but hear my argument for why Thursday nights in law school may be better.

My Thursday nights in college went as follows. First, I would get out of class/internship sometime in the afternoon and go back to my apartment, knowing my “week” (let’s be honest can you define having classes two days a week as a “week”?) was over. I was relieved, but it wasn’t as if my life was stressful. During the four days prior, I would handle all my homework, so I didn’t have to do any over the weekend (let’s not forget that I also enjoyed the company of dollar beers on Tuesday after I did homework for a stressful 2 hours, and played video games for hours). By the time Thursday came around, I was ready to party for the next three days. So after chilling out in my apartment for a little, I would go to the gym for two hours. Then I would convene with my friends and we would discuss our plans for the night. If it was warm enough, we would barbecue, pregame and then go out to the bar. If it wasn’t warm enough, we would have a pregame later that evening and go to the bar. After this discussion, we drove to the liquor store, picked up a couple handles of liquor and a couple 30 packs of beer to last us the next three days and come back and chill out (these liquor runs also typically involved Rita’s Ices or soft serve ice cream). We would then chill out until it was t-shirt time (okay, we didn’t call it t-shirt time but it was the equivalent of it), pregame incredibly hard among our 20 closest friends, go out until the bars closed, get some pizza and called it a night.

My Thursdays in law school are a lot different. First, I get out of class sometime in the afternoon, and then walk home to do a couple of hours of homework. Typically, I do reading until about 11pm, but Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are my selected days to stop early so I could go out and enjoy the company of five dollar beers. On Thursday I stop early, knowing my weekend is about to begin (not counting the one Friday class that I may have, depending on the semester). My week was busy, and my weekend will continue to be busy, as I typically have plenty of reading to last me through the following 72 hours. However, I still associate Thursday with going out. Typically I convene with friends at around 10ish, have a couple beers (I don’t pregame as hard as I used to do because I can’t afford to nurse a hangover for the entire day of Friday, which I did in college, and don’t pregame in as much of a raucous environment) and then go out to a bar, get some pizza and call it a night.

Now I know you are thinking that college sounds so much better than law school. And you’re right. College kicks the crap out of law school. In college the most stressful part of my life was trying to figure out how to fit in my Thursday afternoon nap to my Thursday afternoon schedule, which included going to the gym, going to the liquor store, and going to Rita’s Ices. Seriously, if the bars in college let you in based on how much you accomplished in the week prior, we would have been playing beer pong in some one’s living room. This is as opposed to law school, where I feel like I accomplish something every day (and by that I mean I read a shitload of case law so I could take a final exam that will not test our practical legal abilities). I actually look forward to the little time I have out on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays because that is a release from the prison that is law school reading. It’s nice to forget about the stresses of law school for a couple of hours. I feel like I earn this time every week (until a month before finals where I am shut in my apartment and my study break involves a fifteen minute period where I just cry). This is as opposed to college where my biggest accomplishment of the week was not taking a nap on Thursdays and only playing one game of Madden per day. So, what I’m trying to say is that relatively speaking, law school Thursday nights are much better than college Thursday nights because compared to the rest of the week, law school Thursday nights are the best it is going to get. We don’t get Sunday big drafts and Tuesday dollar beers. We don’t get that feeling of being done with work for three straight days. We get a couple of hours of freedom.

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