Leaving DC Can’t Be Worse Than Entourage

July 28, 2011

On this past Sunday, one of my favorite (and all red blooded males) show premiered, as Entourage started its eighth and final season. To give you a brief summary (spoiler alert), Vince comes back from rehab so that means everyone cannot have fun around him (they can’t drink) and Ari’s wife, whom he is separated from, has started seeing another guy (that bitch!). While watching this episode with my DC entourage, we sat there in uncomfortable silence, as opposed to the past (when we were in college), where we would be laughing and generally enjoying the gratuitous boobage. At one point, I break the uncomfortableness in the room by saying, “Is it me or does this episode suck?” It did. They turned a show that used to be incredible and entertaining into a bad soap opera. Entourage used to make having to go to school/work the following day less awful, but I was actually looking forward to work during this episode.

This is just one of many examples of television shows that have stayed on the air for too long and just got awful. This got me thinking about other shows that may have done this. The first that comes to mind is Friends, when they had Joey and Rachel date. And I’m sure there are countless others. It becomes almost comical (kind of like the plot of the the Green Lantern movie) how writers just run out of ideas, but continue to air crap because they refuse to let go of their pet project. We also see this in sports. I can think of many athletes who stick around long after their prime, holding on to past glory. For instance, Brett Favre refused to acknowledge that he was an old, creepy, dick showing man who was a shell of his awesome All-Pro self (and I’m sure tons of reporters would have wanted to see his penis when he was a great star and John Madden was still in love with the guy). But, Favre waited too long and it seemed as if people were happy to see him leave (including myself). Unfortunately, we will probably see this with my hero, Derek Jeter (he is my hero for several reasons, including his incredible baseball skills, his clutchness, his class, and having hooked up with every woman in New York. Instead of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, people should be playing the six degrees of Derek Jeter hook up edition). We all see Jeter, last year and this year, as a shell of the player he once was, and because he is so proud he will never leave the game. This makes the divorce between fans and Jeter a long painful process (just like my coming to terms with the fact that Entourage is officially dead has been). Hopefully he doesn’t send camera phone pictures of his penis.

Sometimes, whether in sports, television, movies or in life, it best to leave on top and not stick around too long, so as to overstay your welcome. This is how I feel about my DC experience, somewhat, as it is coming to a close, and I return back to New York. First off, let me say, my presence in DC can in no way be compared to Derek Jeter or Brett Favre (well, unless you count the cell phone pictures). I am not a franchise player in any way here. I’m just apart of a dysfunctional, borderline alcoholic family in DC. With that said, I do feel like I am leaving at the perfect time, in that I think I will still be appreciated when I go (in other words, I haven’t alienated all of my friends yet). Leaving now, I can also appreciate the time I’ve had in DC. So, I think Entourage can learn a thing or two from me.