The Weekend Ended Well, But This Is The Icing On The Cake…

February 10, 2009

It’s actually more than icing.  More like adding an enitre new and more delicious layer to a cake.  Of course I’m talking about the reunion of my favorite band ever (by a long shot) Blink-182.  They announced this Sunday night at the Grammy’s, although I had a hunch seeing how I obsessively follow them on Blink message boards (I know a little nerdy, but I love this freakin’ band).  Years ago I made a pact with one of my closest friends to go to their first show back and in honor of that, the following is my dream playlist, in order of how Mark, Tom and Travis should play it (which will never happen since a lot of the songs are only true fan favorites):

1.  Dumpweed

2.  Rock Show

3.  Easy Target

4.  Don’t Leave Me

5.  Family Reunion

6.  What’s My Age Again?

7.  Online Songs

8.  Red Skies

9.  Stockholm Syndrome

10.  M&M’s

11.  Man Overboard

12.  Always

13.  Waggy

14.  Adam’s Song

15.  Everytime I Look For You

16.  I Miss You

17.  Dysentary Gary

18.  First Date

19.  Carousel


20.  All The Small Things

21.  Going Away To College

22.  Dammit

Many will disagree, but I am right and they are wrong.