Mike’s Adventures in Disney World

January 24, 2009

Disney World was quite an interesting and fun time and throughout my week there, it became very apparent that there are some main themes day in and day out.  Here they are:

Disney is great no matter how old you are.  At this point in my life (and for the past several years), I have gone to theme parks for big roller coasters and bigger thrills.  I typically wait on hours of lines to go rides with huge drops, high speeds and big loops.  But in Disney World, this isn’t the case.  In fact, we wait on lines with very little thrills.  We waited on lines for “It’s a Small World” and “Peter Pan”–lines I wouldn’t ever think of waiting on in normal amusement parks.  However, this is Disney World and in fact, it was exciting to go on these rides.  These rides are apart of my parent’s childhood, my childhood, and my children’s childhood.  Also, it gives you a good feeling during and after the ride.  Actually, it was very exciting to go on these rides and I enjoyed them more than the roller coasters in the different parks.  Overall, all of these rides are so well done that the are incredibly enjoyable.  I think it was also incredibly enjoyable because I got to experience these rides with my family, which was pretty cool.

Everyone is so much happier in Disney World.  Regardless of where we were in these parks, everyone was just nicer.  For instance, when I was at Epcot and we went to the America part of the park (Epcot is made of different countries), an Americana acapella group sang.  First off, I would normally walk away because acapella kind of sucks, but I couldn’t.  It was apart of the Disney experience.  Second, as they sang the Star Spangled Banner (beautifully, I might add), two foreigners did not stand up for it.  As everyone cleared out after the song, a man said that he worked hard to be in this country and if we weren’t in Disney he would have said something.  It is incredible how everyone just wants to enjoy themselves in these parks and also wants everyone else to have a good time with them.  Maybe if we put the Arabs and Israelis in these parks for a week, we wouldn’t have a conflict in Gaza.  Just a thought.

There are a lot of MILFS in these parks.  Let’s think of the logic here: many young kids are here, so there must be young mothers.  I didn’t notice the attractive girls in their twenties as much as I did the mothers in their thirties, and boy, there were a lot of them.  For this, Disney, I applaud you.  This brings me to a small Mike theory about MILFs.  MILFs are much better than normal hot girls my age.  Why you ask?  Because they are much rarer than hot 21-year-olds.  It’s just a fact.  Even the hottest 21-year-old can become ugly when older.  Some don’t age well, others get knocked up and can’t get that washboard stomach again.  It just happens.  Then, there are those rare gems who stay hot.  So, a MILF is a lot more impressive than a hot 21-year-old (not that I’m saying being hot and 21 is bad).