Mike’s Guide To End of College Drama

May 4, 2009

For whatever reason, no matter at what level, drama emerges as people near graduation.  It could be high school, college, whatever—it just happens.  I don’t actually know why this happens; maybe because people live in close contact (in college, practically on top of each other) and find little things that annoy you about another person.  It could just be built up frustration with a person after four years.  Or it could be something else.  Whatever the reason, this drama happens.  It’s inevitable.  This is why I have created some guidelines to handling the inevitable drama.  In addition, I have added some personal stories to prove my points.

Don’t overreact.  When people start yelling at you, they want a reaction. In fact, they don’t even care if you are sorry—they just want to see you get as mad or upset about the situation as they are.  Take just last week, when I didn’t react to being called out for canceling plans:

Girl 1:  You are such a dick.  I cancelled my plans for you.
Mike:  (calmly) I’m really sorry.  It was a dick move.  I truly am sorry.
Girl 1:  (frustrated) You’re not even angry about it.  Wow, you don’t care.  You truly are a huge asshole.
Mike:  No, really.  I am really sorry.  I can’t express how sorry I am to you.
Girl 1:  Don’t do your whole lawyer “calm argument” thing.  You are truly a dick.
Mike:  No, seriously.  I am sorry.

The girl continued to get incredibly angry because I wasn’t reacting the way she wanted me to react.  She clearly wanted to have this intense argument with me to make her feel better about the situation.  Instead, I stepped back and thought, “Is this really worth a stupid argument that could ruin a friendship?”  The answer was clearly no and I am glad I avoided that.  And I was truly sorry.

If you do overreact, things could go incredibly wrong.  For instance a couple weeks ago, after a long night out with a lot of drinking, another girl called me out for being an asshole (I know this sounds like a common theme but not all people think I’m an asshole… as far as I know).  Let’s take a peek into this discussion in the middle of the argument:

Girl 2:  No seriously, you are an asshole.

As we can see, there is a stark difference between what was said when Mike was sober and smart compared to when Mike was drunk.  The thought process wasn’t there.  Of course, this girl got exactly what she wanted: a reaction.  Clearly this girl calling me an asshole when I was drunk annoyed me.  Which brings me to my next point:

Don’t get into arguments when drunk.  Nothing good can come out of this.  Period.  For some odd reason, girls (most of the time) wait until they are drunk to call out both sexes on things they are upset about.  It could be that one person is an asshole, or that you never called her back or whatever—bottom line is, girls do this.  A lot.  I believe they call this liquid confidence.  And I have to say from personal experience, everything that is said goes in one ear and out the other.  When I woke up the next morning after the drunken argument above, I laughed about it.  I thought to myself, “Seriously, did this just happen? Did I just waste my time arguing when I could have been doing something mischievous and ridiculous instead?”  I then brushed it off and continued to think how ridiculous it was that I was called out when drunk.  Girls, we don’t listen to when you do this drunk.  It doesn’t make any sense.

Admit defeat.  There is nothing people hate more when arguing then if you say they are right.  Especially in these quasi-drama situations.  When your not-so-close friend calls you out for something ridiculous over the next couple of weeks, they just want to get a reaction out of you.  They don’t want you to admit how wrong you were.  They just want a reaction.  Take this past weekend.

Girl 3:  We are not going to [hang out and play solitaire] tonight.
Mike:  Why not?
Girl 3:  Because you only call me when [you really want to play solitaire].
Mike:  (ponders this idea for a second) Touché.  I’ll see you around.
Girl 3:  That’s it?
Mike:  Yeah, you made a great point.

People hate when you say they are right.  It eats them up inside, which, if you think about it, is the exact opposite point of an argument.  But this is how life works.

If a girl says she is mad at you for no reason, she wants you. If a guy says he is mad at you for no reason, he is hiding the fact he is actually a girl, and he wants you.  Girls do this all the time.  They will say they are mad at you and then not tell you why.  This is because she wants you.  And trust me, this is going to happen a lot over the next two weeks.  In fact, there are going to be so many “did that person just hook up with that person?” over the next couple of weeks it will be shocking.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That is all the advice I have to give you (that I could currently think of).  There is going to be tons of fake drama over the next two weeks for college graduates (and in June for high school graduates).  My overarching piece of advice to you is that your true, close friends won’t do this.  It will be people that are on the periphery of your group of friends.  Thus, I say just ignore it.  Walk away or just admit that the person you are “arguing” with is right.  Partially give them what they want to hear.  Don’t overreact because you will just look like a jackass.  Take these in stride and laugh it off.  Girls, be warned, you will have more drama then us men.  All girls secretly hate each other and if there were statistics available, they would show that more fallouts around graduation happen among groups of girls.  Girls, just be prepared.  Be smart.  Guys and girls, just truly realize how ridiculous most of these arguments are.  Your true friends will be your true friends before, during and after graduation. Your fake friends with whom you get in arguments with are the ones you will never speak to again after graduation.  They will just be the ones you have these conversations about:

Mike:  Remember [Girl 2]?
Real friend:  Yeah.
Mike:  Whatever happened to her?
Real friend:  I don’t know.
Mike:  Yeah, who cares?  That girl was ridiculous anyway.